Scarlet Woman

Originally published in Everyday Fiction October 2017:

At night, the sulphurous fog grew thicker, and the women took their usual positions under the doorways and gas lamps of Whitechapel. Molly’s shoes clicked against the cobblestones as she tried to catch the eye of any passing male.

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Rapture of the Deep

Originally published in Mirror Dance Autumn 2017:

I have seaweed for hair and barnacle-encrusted stone for skin. Saltwater runs through the marrow of my bones. Little is left of the human in me, but for my blood and my song.

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Wolf Weather

Originally published in Literary Orphans Issue 30:

The wolf was dead. Only the cold had saved it from decay.

The man’s eyes narrowed as he hunkered down to the carcass at the cave mouth. His hair and beard were as tangled as thorn bushes; a bearskin wrap was tied over his shoulder and covered him to his knees. He breathed into rough-knuckled hands. He had never known such a season, with wolves howling through the ice-filled valley. They did not have such hard, white weather where he came from.

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My Sister Louise

Originally published in Number Eleven magazine Issue 5:

My sister Louise always loved music. Even before she could walk, she would hold onto the sofa’s edge and her chubby baby bottom would bounce up and down to the rhythm. She took her first steps while the radio played in our sitting room, teetering forward to collapse in my mother’s arms and laugh.

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The Call of the Running Tide

Originally published in Crannog Issue 30:

The first two keys don’t work, but the third turns in the lock with a clunk, and I lift up the lid of the chest. My breath catches at the sight of the pelt, and my quivering hand strokes the soft grey fur.

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Crannog published two other short stories of mine:

  • “Try Not to Breathe” in Issue 40 (link to bookseller).
  • “Apple Blossom Girl” in Issue 45 (link to bookseller).