Soundtrack for an Irish Summer


In some countries, 30°C (86°F) is a pleasant spring day. In Ireland, it makes news headlines. Seriously, this (“Hotter than Lanzarote as Ireland again sizzles in heatwave”) was one of the main stories in today’s Irish Independent.

Spotted in Salthill at 9:30 last night: kids with dripping ice creams, young women with boiled-ham shoulders, old men with trousers rolled up to their knees, teenagers sharing an extra-large pizza, and two guys practicing capoeira on the sand.

Obviously, this weather needs a soundtrack, so here’s mine:

Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles. “It feels like years since it’s been here.”
I Can See Clearly Now – Johnny Nash. The rain has gone!
Walking on Sunshine – Katrina and The Waves. Oh yeah!
Soak Up the Sun – Sheryl Crow. Making the most of it.
Staring At the Sun – U2. Careful now.
Bombtrack – Rage Against the Machine. “Burn, burn, yes you’re gonna burn.”
Blister in the Sun – The Violent Femmes. Ow.
Summer Rain – Carl Thomas. Oh-uh.
Sunshine After The Rain – Berri We live in hope.

Yes, I know that most of these songs are at least 20 years old. Well, so am I. Suggest away if you think I’ve missed some.

Additional suggestions from friends:

Little Fluffy Clouds – The Orb. Taking off into the blue.

July – Mundy. “Oh my my my my.”

Living In The Sunlight, Loving In The Moonlight – Tiny Tim. Trippy!

Summertime – Billie Holiday. Classic.

Sunny Afternoon – The Kinks. Lazin’.


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